Friday, June 07, 2013

OMG! so cute!!!!

I have no idea what i was browsing before i came across these. I was never into these art type figures but these are just too too cute. I broke down and brought a full case of 16 on e-bay. I hope i get the full set in the case as they are blind boxes.

Now i'm surfing and finding other ones i want. I think i just stumbled onto a new collection. Darn, i need to stop browsing and surfing the web so much, I always end up wasting money especially when i have no more money to waste. Still i can't wait for them to arrive.

Monday, April 22, 2013

My 5th purchase from Yahoo Japan auctions


My first non- Re-ment purchase

Queen's Blade Excellent Core Melona figure by Magahouse. I haven't watched the Anime yet but i just always wanted this figure. Should have purchased her when she first came out but as always i didn't and now i have to pay more then the original price.

I went through Y!JA because the cheapest 'used' one on e-bay is $120 and the cheapest 'MIB' one is $175. I didn't want to pay that much considering her original price was $51 back in 2008 (release year). I paid $77.05 after Shopping Mall Japan deputy fees. Which is not bad for a long discontinued MIB figure.

I also put in a pre-order for the cute upcoming Nendoriod version through Hobby Search Japan

Wouldn't want to miss it and have to pay double the price on the secondary market.

Today i received my very first shipment from Shopping Mall Japan. It contained my first 4 Yahoo Japan auction wins.

Total with shipping and fees for the above 4 full sets were $330.50 which comes to about $83 per box. Not bad since these all sell for well over $100 on e-bay with some even going for over $200.

Turn around time from bidding to shipping was fairly quick. I like the fact that SMJ ships all winnings to their warehouse in the US. This way i was only charged US shipping from them to me. Previously i have been a customer of Celga (for many many years). With them i had to pay for EMS ship as they ship directly from Japan to me.

Sofar my experience with SMJ has been good. I will continue dealing with them for now as there are still a few sets i need to get off Y!JA.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Was browsing Hobby Search Japan last night. Checking out upcoming toys when i came across this

I got super excited as i am a HUGE fan of Saiyuki :) I haven't brought any new Saiyuki merchandise / toys since like forever. So i am happy to see that they are releasing something new, and cute too :) I totally pre-ordered on the spot. It's set to be released in July.

I hope this will be the start of new Saiyuki collectibles getting released. I would love to see more figures, especially of Sanzo as he is my favorite character.


Also came across a pictures of a new Re-ment set coming out in June

I am not a fan of Doraemon. My kids like the Anime but not me. But even though i have no interest in the Doraemon, this set is cute and i do love collecting Re-ment. Will probably pre-order it through HSJ as well.

I have started to pre-order all the new Re-ment sets from HSJ. I calculated that even with shipping, it's still cheaper then e-bay. I always choose the cheaper SAL shipping. It tends to worry me a bit as there is no tracking and it ships slow but i have never had any lost packages. Plus it does save alot as EMS is so expensive.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Won 2 more older retired Re-ment sets on Yahoo Japan Auctions. I think i need to stop now until i get them all paid. Starting to go a little over board here which is what always happen when i start collecting.

I got the following 2 sets

3 star French Restaurant for 5750yen ($61.42 USD) & Families 2 for 4610yen ($49.25 USD)

This brings a total of 4 sets i have won through Y!JA. Still so many i need to get to fulfill my Re-ment wishlist. Hope i get an invoice soon from Shopping Mall Japan. Really need to see what the damage (to my wallet) is :)

Monday, April 01, 2013

Won another re-ment set on Yahoo Japan Auctions today

Re-ment Cats

Don't really know what to call this set. I see some call it Cat Diary and some called it My Cats. According to online translation, the name says boasting of the cats.

My winning amount is 5000yen which converts to $53.71 USD. The lowest priced full set on e-bay right now is $137.88 + $12.99 ship. I have considered just purchasing from e-bay but want to see if i can get it cheaper through Y!JA. Hoping SMJ fees won't end more expensive then the e-bay set.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just used buy it now on a Re-ment set on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Disappointed i lost all the others i was trying to bid on. But i know there will be chances again. Just have to keep my eyes out.

I am getting this for now

Dessert House 2

My winning amount is 3500yen which according to the current conversion rate is $37.25 USD. I am now waiting for Shopping Mall Japan to invoice me so i can see what the total cost is with fees. Sofar i only know that the commission fee will be $8. I hope there won't be too many fees. The final price of the item will determine whether or not i will stick with SMJ as my deputy service for Y!JA.

Right now according to ongoing auctions on e-bay, the lowest price for this set is $145 + $10.95 shipping.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Just paid off my newest Pipos order which was on layaway. So happy to get that done. It was so super expensive. Infact it was my most expensive order from Pipos to date. I ordered 4 gorgeous limited edition dolls from their new Frog Prince series.


M. Lloyd (LE 15 sets)
J. Luna (LE 8 sets)
L. Luna (LE 8 sets)
& (Yellow) Tomo (LE 15 sets)

I can never resist Pipos dolls. They are my most favorite BJD company. Their dolls are always perfect, their service is excellent and they take layaways which is a huge plus.

Now to wait for shipping.