Monday, April 22, 2013

Today i received my very first shipment from Shopping Mall Japan. It contained my first 4 Yahoo Japan auction wins.

Total with shipping and fees for the above 4 full sets were $330.50 which comes to about $83 per box. Not bad since these all sell for well over $100 on e-bay with some even going for over $200.

Turn around time from bidding to shipping was fairly quick. I like the fact that SMJ ships all winnings to their warehouse in the US. This way i was only charged US shipping from them to me. Previously i have been a customer of Celga (for many many years). With them i had to pay for EMS ship as they ship directly from Japan to me.

Sofar my experience with SMJ has been good. I will continue dealing with them for now as there are still a few sets i need to get off Y!JA.

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