Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Was browsing Hobby Search Japan last night. Checking out upcoming toys when i came across this

I got super excited as i am a HUGE fan of Saiyuki :) I haven't brought any new Saiyuki merchandise / toys since like forever. So i am happy to see that they are releasing something new, and cute too :) I totally pre-ordered on the spot. It's set to be released in July.

I hope this will be the start of new Saiyuki collectibles getting released. I would love to see more figures, especially of Sanzo as he is my favorite character.


Also came across a pictures of a new Re-ment set coming out in June

I am not a fan of Doraemon. My kids like the Anime but not me. But even though i have no interest in the Doraemon, this set is cute and i do love collecting Re-ment. Will probably pre-order it through HSJ as well.

I have started to pre-order all the new Re-ment sets from HSJ. I calculated that even with shipping, it's still cheaper then e-bay. I always choose the cheaper SAL shipping. It tends to worry me a bit as there is no tracking and it ships slow but i have never had any lost packages. Plus it does save alot as EMS is so expensive.

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