Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just used buy it now on a Re-ment set on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Disappointed i lost all the others i was trying to bid on. But i know there will be chances again. Just have to keep my eyes out.

I am getting this for now

Dessert House 2

My winning amount is 3500yen which according to the current conversion rate is $37.25 USD. I am now waiting for Shopping Mall Japan to invoice me so i can see what the total cost is with fees. Sofar i only know that the commission fee will be $8. I hope there won't be too many fees. The final price of the item will determine whether or not i will stick with SMJ as my deputy service for Y!JA.

Right now according to ongoing auctions on e-bay, the lowest price for this set is $145 + $10.95 shipping.

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