Monday, April 22, 2013

My 5th purchase from Yahoo Japan auctions


My first non- Re-ment purchase

Queen's Blade Excellent Core Melona figure by Magahouse. I haven't watched the Anime yet but i just always wanted this figure. Should have purchased her when she first came out but as always i didn't and now i have to pay more then the original price.

I went through Y!JA because the cheapest 'used' one on e-bay is $120 and the cheapest 'MIB' one is $175. I didn't want to pay that much considering her original price was $51 back in 2008 (release year). I paid $77.05 after Shopping Mall Japan deputy fees. Which is not bad for a long discontinued MIB figure.

I also put in a pre-order for the cute upcoming Nendoriod version through Hobby Search Japan

Wouldn't want to miss it and have to pay double the price on the secondary market.

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